Premium Welding Protection

Crafted from best materials to keep you safe in any conditions.

The welding protection that earns your trust

Smart Design

A personal safety product is something you need to rely on. Because your life and health is depending on it. We work hard to keep improving our products for your safety.

For Industrial & Heavy Duty Use

People’s safety and comfort. Those are the biggest concerns of Waylander Welding. Our products were developed for the use of protection during harsh conditions.

Constant Innovation

Waylander Welding products are the result of specific innovation based on the needs and wishes of our clients. We carefully investigate all feedback to keep improving our products.

Why it matters to us

The world owes a lot to welders.

Day in, day out, welders everywhere around the world risk their lives by making new constructions. Bringing two pieces together seems like a small act, but the impact is massive. It’s all part of a huge metal construction that preserves the future for us and generations after. 

It’s thanks to welders that we drive cars, sail ships and fly planes. It’s thanks to welders that we have manufacturing plants that provide us cheap products. It’s thanks to welders that we keep building our world for future generations.

That’s why we, Waylander Welding, care for their health, safety and comfort. Things many welders worldwide sacrifice daily, to construct a better world.

Top Sellers

Waylander Welding Jacket Split Leather Heat Fire Resistant Cotton Kevlar Stitched Cowhide


$99.95 $79.95

Waylander Welding Felt Carbon Fiber Welding Blanket Made in USA 1800°F High Temperature Resistant


On Sale from $18.95

Waylander Leather Welding Apron Flame Resistant Heavy Duty Bib 40" Dark Brown with Adjustable Cross Back Apron Straps and Pocket for Men and Women


$49.95 $39.95

Where To Find?

We work hard every day to expand our line of products and channels. Feel free to reach out for us for more information or in case of questions about availability or new products..

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Although welding runs through our heart and veins, we are always open for suggestions or specific feedback. Welding situations and working places vary everywhere and for every work. Specific protection needed?

Why Waylander?

Developed by and for welders.

Tested and approved by professionals.

Tested in extreme conditions.

Years of experience in heavy industry.

Crafted with premium materials.

Keeps you safe in all conditions.


Check the latest news to find out more about our products and welding overall.

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