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How to Choose the Best Welding Apron

welding apron

Since burns are one of the most common injuries among welders, welding aprons are a must for pros in the welding profession. A welding apron protects you and your clothing from slag and hot metal that turns up while welding, grinding, or when using a cutting torch. The quality of welding aprons depends on the material used in their construction. Here are important things to know about how to choose the best welding apron for any welding project.


welding apron

How to Choose the Best Welding Apron

The best welding aprons use thick genuine cowhide or pigskin leather

Thick genuine cowhide or pigskin leather is extremely durable and provides a high level of protection. The thicker the material is, the better protection you get. Welding aprons made of thick leather provide you with natural protection against splatters from melting electrodes and sparks from hot metal. Whether these be designed as half aprons or full aprons, what’s important is the material checks out. But since leather can be heavy, check that the leather apron you choose is lightweight. 


If for example, you are looking for more affordable choices compared to the leather-type welding aprons, try looking for high-quality aprons that are made out of flame-retardant cotton that protects you from open flames or very high heat. Just remember that you should never use anything besides cotton, leather, or heavy denim. Do not ever use polyester or plastic-type materials since these can melt into your skin.


welding apron

Make sure the welding apron you choose is comfortable

You won’t go wrong if the welding apron you choose combines comfort and safety. Be sure that the apron fits you well because, like any other piece of clothing, wearing something uncomfortable makes you vulnerable to injuries. Aside from that, check the straps. It is ideal to have straps you can adjust easily to your liking. These should be thick enough to hold the leather material firmly while distributing the weight evenly. Cross straps are the best type of straps for weight distribution.


As to style, there are welding aprons that clip, wrap, or tie at the waist. These provide protection from the waist down. Half-cut aprons offer more mobility and comfort but offer lower protection. If not, you may choose a full welding apron that is much like a chef’s apron for more protection and coverage. Since welders have their own size and build, various apron lengths are available. Just be sure to pick the right cut and style that fits perfectly.


welding apron

Add some protective gear to that welding apron

When it comes to welding, the welder’s tools produce intense heat leading to splatters landing on either work clothes or burning through the skin. This is why it is important to use welding gears along with your welding apron for added protection. Use welding gloves for your hands and welding sleeves for your arms to protect you from hazardous materials.


Waylander Welding Apron

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