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Stepping Up Your Safety: A Guide to Choosing the Best Welding Spats

a man wearing leather welding spats

Because welding is a demanding profession, you need quality head-to-toe protection. While most focus on helmets, gloves, and jackets, some overlook a crucial piece of welding PPE – welding spats. These protect your legs from spatter, sparks, and molten metal which prevents any serious burns. With so many options out there, how do you choose the best one for what you need? Here’s how. 

Choose the Best Material for Welding Spats 

Choosing the best material for your welding spats plays an important role when it comes to durability and effectiveness. Let’s break it down. 

Leather welding spats: 

Leather welding spats are a classic choice. This material offers remarkable heat and spark resistance. It’s durable and it’s easy to clean, but it can be stiff and heavy, especially when they are new. 

Fire-retardant cotton welding spats: 

Fire retardant cotton welding spats provide both comfort and protection. It’s lighter and more breathable than leather which makes it perfect for hot weather conditions. However, FR treatment can wear off, unlike leather, which lasts for a longer time. 

FR welding spats: 

Flame-retardant treated blends have the breathability of cotton with the durability of synthetic fibers like Kevlar. It’s a compromise between protection and comfort, but they can be more expensive. 

a man wearing welding spats
the Waylander Welding Spats

Find the Perfect Fit

In choosing the best welding spats, the perfect fit makes all the difference. Here’s what you need to consider. 


Welding spats need to cover your entire lower leg. They need to be able to offer protection from the top of your work boots to below your knee. 


The perfect welding spats should not be that tight. They should be loose enough for movement but also snug enough to stay in place. 

Fastener type: 

Adjustable straps or buckles are what you should be looking for for a personalized and secure fit. 

Other Things to Consider

Welding environment: 

Welding in different weather conditions or welding environments should be considered whenever you choose welding spats. For hot environments, it’s best to choose cotton or blended materials for breathability. For heavy-duty welding, you need fire-resistant blends or leather for superior protection. 

Welding style: 

Asses whether you crouch or kneel often. If you do, you need a flexible design for welding spats to give you the freedom of movement. 

Regular Inspection: 

In taking care of your welding spats, make sure you regularly inspect them for holes and worn-out areas that could compromise protection and replace damaged spats immediately. 

There you have it! Your guide to choosing the best welding spats. Visit our webshop! We’ve got one that might just be what you need. 


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