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How to Clean Leather Welding Jackets

leather welding jackets

Among all the must-have PPE for welders is the welding jacket. Whether you’re a pro welder or made welding a hobby, you will need to take care of your welding jacket to prolong its service life and get the best out of it. But some welders find it difficult to clean their jackets and feel that it’s such a chore. To help out, here are some easy and practical tips on how to clean your leather welding jacket to help out.

How to Clean Leather Welding Jackets: Step by Step Process

Since welding jackets are heavy leather jackets, the dirtier the leather material is, the stiffer the jacket becomes. Also, if left unkempt, the smell will become unpleasant. So cleaning your welding jacket on a semi-regular basis is essential to prolong wearability. 

To begin cleaning, be sure you have the necessary materials: moisturizing bath soap or a mild detergent, leather conditioner, and cleaning rags. 


welding leather jacket
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How to Clean Leather Welding Jackets: Step 1

The first step is to moisten your rag. Get it completely wet with lukewarm water, then wring it out. You want it barely damp. 

How to Clean Leather Welding Jackets: Step 

Second, place a few drops of moisturizing bath soap on the rag. Once the soap makes its way into the rag, knead it to spread the soap evenly. 

How to Clean Leather Welding Jackets: Step 3

Third, scrub the jacket with the rag gently. If, for example, the jacket is heavily soiled, rinse the rag and apply more soap. Do this periodically, so you don’t end up rubbing the dirt around. The soap helps soften up the leather where it has gotten stiff. Of course, the soap will definitely make your jacket smell so much better!

How to Clean Leather Welding Jackets: Step 4

Fourth, rinse off the soapy areas of the jacket. Use a separate barely damp rag to rinse off the soaped areas. Do this every time you finish scrubbing a spot. This cleaning system helps keep the soap from drying on the jacket. Remember that you do not want to use water directly on the jacket, which is why a damp rag is a way to go. Don’t forget to give that “rinse rag” a good rinse now and then. 

How to Clean Leather Welding Jackets: Step 5

Fifth, once done with the soap-and-water step, it is time to condition the welding jacket. For this step, use a leave-on leather conditioner. A leave-on leather conditioner makes your welding jacket supple and comfortable again. Work the conditioner with a clean and dry rag. Let it remain on the weather to prevent the leather from cracking. This step is crucial because it makes your leather welding jackets pliable and easy to work in. 

If your welding jacket already has mildew, spot treat the mold and mildew first—mold and mildew build-up when a welding jacket is old but can quickly be restored. Use rubbing alcohol before starting the cleaning process.

Your leather welding jackets require a good cleaning now and then. Since the jacket is made out of leather, the cleaning procedure is a lot more delicate. Proper maintenance not only gets rid of layers of grimes from building up, but it is the best way to reduce costs in terms of purchasing welding equipment and PPE.

leather welding jackets
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