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Last Minute Christmas Gifts: Welding Projects You Can Do Now

welding projects

With only a few days till Christmas, it’s understandable to be in a rush to surprise your loved ones with thoughtful, long-lasting presents. Never forget that a lovely handcrafted present is the clearest way to convey to someone how much you value them. The time has come to head out to your workshop and put your welding abilities to use while crossing things off your holiday shopping list. Here are some last minute welding Christmas gifts for family and friends. 


Last Minute Welding Christmas Gifts

Silverware iPhone Holder, business card holder, shaker/napkin holder

Silverware might be king when it comes to discovered materials for welding. It is both adaptable and accessible, and it can be transformed into lovely, useful gifts for the holidays. Spoons, forks, and knives that have been recycled can be forged into practically anything, from wall and garden art to organizing hooks and jewelry. Bend and weld forks to produce a one-of-a-kind iPhone or business card holder or a shaker or napkin holder.


Key Chains Made out of Bike Chains 

Bike chains are a resourceful, adaptable material that may be transformed into a variety of practical, beautiful gifts. Try forming them into a keychain in the form of a monogram letter or another quick and easy shape, like a heart, this December to keep things quick and easy. To attach the keychain piece, make sure to make a hook. You can easily and reasonably find one at any nearby craft or hobby store.



Washer Sculpture as desk decor or paperweight

Another common object that may be used to create practically any shape or sculpture is a washer. Create a little figurine with nails, bolts, and washers while keeping in mind the recipient. It will make thoughtful desk decor or perhaps a practical paper weight. To guarantee that it remains steady and erect, fasten it to a flat piece of strong metal. Create a second sculpture for a set of unique bookends for an even more practical gift.




Nail Flower Project

Scrap nails that have rusted give an industrial-chic appearance, especially when they are fashioned into artwork like flowers. From the garden to the coffee table and everywhere in between, welded flower art can be shown. Simply join the nails at their tips, either by leaving them raw and rusty, or by attaching them to a metal rod that you can bury in the ground. These can either be left unpainted or brightly painted with enamel.



Scrap Metal Art

Scrap metal, nails, screws, and others you see laying around could be used to create something new. It just takes a bit more creativity and a bit of time. Check out some ideas below. 



Because you can share a piece of yourself with your loved ones via your labor of love and creativity, handmade presents are wonderful. These are gifts that will undoubtedly be treasured, loved, and valued for many years to come.

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