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Summer Welding Clothing

welding outdoors

Summer is here! That means making sure that you have your summer welding apparel ready. Comfort is a top priority when it comes to welding in the heat. You need the right fabric and the right kind of welding clothing to make sure you get maximum protection while keeping yourself cool at the same time. Here, we give you a list of summer welding clothing that you must have to get the comfort and protection you need in this season. 


Summer Welding Clothing

Light Weight Clothing 

With the heat, it will be harder to move because of the discomfort one can feel. Wearing lightweight clothing under welding PPE helps you change that. This also gives you the opportunity to take in cooler air whenever the wind blows while you work. Lightweight khaki pants and khaki shirts are what you should be wearing while welding during this season. 


Light-Colored Clothing

In terms of the color of clothing, go with white colors. As known to many, light-colored clothing reflects light while dark-colored clothing absorbs it. White welding shirts and white welding caps are great to have. 

FR welding shirt

Wear a Pancake Hood

A pancake hood is potentially cooler than a shirt hood or a flip hood. Mainly, this is because air can pass through easily to the head as opposed to a hood that hinders or traps the air from getting in. 


FR Welding Shirt 

A breathable and lightweight flame retardant welding shirt is definitely a must-have. Working in the summer months doesn’t mean you compromise safety for comfort. With a high-quality FR welding shirt, you get maximum protection while being able to move freely. Get a consistent airflow to keep you cool in the hear while getting protection from sparks. Some even come in khaki color which all the more makes it better.


Welding Sleeves

A good pair of welding sleeves are also good to have in the summer months. If you need protection but can’t have a full-on leather welding jacket, leather welding sleeves can give you the protection you need for your arms. It also allows for more movement. 

leather welding sleeves

FR Cotton Welding Jacket

A leather welding jacket is definitely a must-have. But when you talk about working under the heat of the sun during the summer, you need an FR cotton welding jacket instead. It’s flame retardant so you get protection, it’s lightweight as compared to a leather welding jacket which allows a consistent flow of air to circulate and cool your body. 

FR welding jacket with leather sleeves

Hybrid FR Leather Welding Jacket

A hybrid FR leather welding jacket might just be what you need exactly when welding in the summer. You get the protection you need from leather welding sleeves but have the comfort of an FR cotton welding jacket. It’s having two pieces of welding protection in just one piece of clothing. This gives you the mobility you need while getting superior protection for your skin and the comfort of a lightweight cotton fabric that allows a consistent airflow. Perfect for the welder in the summer!

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