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Flame Resistant Welding Clothing: What You Need to Know

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As welders, fire is something we deal with on a daily basis. This is why we go to lengths just to know more about welding protective clothing and equipment and how to get maximum protection while on the job. Here, we get to know more about flame-resistant welding clothing and why it is a need to have them. 


What is Flame Resistant Welding clothing?

At first, when you see or hear the word flame resistant, you’d think that fire will simply bounce off that piece of clothing. Let’s get one thing straight. Flame Resistant clothing will still burn when it is directly exposed to flame. But, when that piece of clothing is taken away from the flame, it will stop or cease to burn. 


Flame Resistant clothing is made from self-extinguishing materials that stop a piece of clothing from further burning. So, if you have a Flame Resistant welding shirt or Flame Resistant welding jacket, then it means when you get exposed to fire, you have time to pull away from the fire before it brings further damage. 


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Flame Resistant vs Flame Retardant

When you say FR clothing, it can be quite confusing. Why? Because this is usually split into two main groups. You have Flame Resistant clothing and Flame Retardant clothing. What’s the difference between these two?


Flame Resistant means the clothing or the fabric itself is literally made of resistant material. It isn’t just a layer or covering. This means, no matter how many times you wash the clothing, it will still be flame resistant. 


Flame Retardant, on the other hand, is clothing with a coat of fire-resistant material. The difference it has from flame-resistant clothing is that once that coat of fire-resistant material wears off, then that piece of clothing will just be an ordinary piece of fabric or cloth. 


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This is why you should only purchase high-quality flame retardant welding clothing that can last for a longer period of time compared to cheaper FR clothing, which will only last you few months. 


FR welding clothing is a must-have. If you need a welding hood to protect your head and hair, you need FR clothing so you won’t burst into flame while on the job. Make sure you choose only the best FR welding clothing that uses high-quality materials. Never settle for anything cheap when it comes to welding protection. In welding, safety is always a top priority.