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Must-Have Welding Apps

welding apps

As a welder, you always want to catch up on the latest trend and be updated on any information about your profession. With these fast-changing times, you have to be on top of whatever is new on the field. If not, you get left behind and your techniques become outdated. Thankfully, there are apps that are readily available that can do just that. Here are some must-have welding apps for modern welders.


Welding Apps – What you need in your life right now

If you’re a welder and you don’t have a smartphone up to now, it would probably be wise to buy one for yourself. It’s good for business and it’s a good tool that you can use to your advantage most especially for what you do on a daily basis for work. Here are just some of the best welding apps you should download now.

Welding App 1 – AWS Event App

If it’s getting news on the latest events or update from the American Welding Society, the AWS Event app is what you should have now. You get alerts that can notify you about occasions, events, and other important information. It has a dashboard you can navigate to plan summits and seminars you’d like to join. You can even reserve your seats via the app! 

Using this gives you the opportunity to get a closer look at anything you want to know like the latest speakers, content, speakers, and other things they have on the catalog.

Welding App 2 – Weld Design for Android

This app is perfect for beginner welders. It’s a civil/structural app that bundles welding related tools. Weld Design helps you calculate whether or not a weld is strong enough. It shows a list of symbols and information you need to know on TIG, MIG, and FACW welding. It even assists in calculating the overall MIG speed when entering plate thickness and burn rate. It’s user-friendly, and it has become an essential app for many welders.

Welding App 3- Blender 3D Design

If you need an app that covers texture application, mesh modeling, rendering, and lighting, Blender 3D Design is for you. It’s an app that uses CAD animation and modeling. It’s a very useful app for those who have little knowledge of Blende.

Welding App 4 – Scan2PDF Mobile

While this is a business app, it comes in handy for welders in many ways. Using your smartphone camera, you are able to scan receipts, contracts, or any other document. That way, you can e-mail and document in full color instead of using a desktop which can be more work considering what you do on a daily basis.


welding apps

Welding App 5 – RealCalc Scientific Calculator for Android

Any welder would need a calculator. Instead of looking for another gadget, you need to carry, your phone can come in handy. The RealCalc Scientific Calculator looks and operates like a real calculator and can save the last ten calculations. Converting pressure, distance, speed, and area will come easy with this app.\


Welding App 6 – Welding Fundamentals Quiz

Here’s an app that you might want to use when on break or when you just feel like testing your welding knowledge. There’s a practice mode that gives explanations on the right answers to the problems given and even features a real exam style to test your skill. This is the perfect app to get a lot of trivia you can share with others.