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Welding Hobby Projects You Can do at Home To Make Money

hobby welders working on a project

So you now have a welding certificate. Now what? It’s either you go ahead and look for a welding job or start small and create welding hobby projects at home to make money. Here we give you some ideas on what you can start with so you can maybe jumpstart your career in welding


Welding Hobby Projects, Video Tutorial

Personalized Family Name Metal Sign

One of the things you can create is a personalized family name metal sign. Every homeowner would love to have this displayed and it would be the perfect idea for gift giving. That means you have a target market for it. Watch Barbie the Welder show you how you can create this custom Family Metal Sign. 




Steel Fire Pit

Another welding hobby project you can do is a steel fire pit for outdoor living spaces. Hobart Welding Products gives an in-depth tutorial on how to MIG weld a fire pit. Watch the video below. 


Welded Steel Coffee Table

A rustic look for homes is trending nowadays and it seems it will be staying for a while. Homeowners are always on the lookout for something that is handmade. A welded steel coffee table will certainly be a good centerpiece that will be a conversation starter. Watch a video on how to weld a steel coffee table by Two Moose Design. 



Welded Sculpture or Metal Art

Since we are already talking about conversation starters, why not make a welded sculpture. You can do a welded horse head or a ram skull. If you want to know how to make one, watch a tutorial by Barbie the Welder on how to weld scrap metal art. 



Portable Camping Stove

Another welding hobby project on the list that can help you earn is a portable camping stove. People travel a lot and there are some who prefer to bring a camping stove with them when they go on a vacation in a remote area. Watch a tutorial on how to weld a portable camping stove by Justin Voss below. 



Welded Tailgate BBQ grill

A welded BBQ grill is one that we add to the list of welding hobby projects that you can do. If you’re up for the challenge, watch a video by Weldtube on how to use SMAW, DualFluxcore, MIG, and TIG welding to create a full build tailgate BBQ Grill.