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Welding Leggings: The Unsung Hero of Your Flame-Resistant Gear

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Safety is always a priority when it comes to welding, and with that comes quality welding PPE. You have your FR welding jacket, cooling welding gloves, multi-pocket welding apron, and even your FR welding headwear. But sometimes, we fail to remember protection for our lower extremities particularly the area below the knees. Enter welding leggings – the unsung hero of your flame-resistant gear. 

Why Consider Welding Leggings? 

While welding pants provide excellent protection for your upper legs, sparks and molten metal can still travel down and cause burns on your ankles and shins. Welding leggings are made to prevent this, therefore providing an additional layer of FR protection for your lower legs. 

a welder working

Types of Welding Leggings

Before we give you some benefits of this welding gear, let’s talk about the different types of welding leggings.

Leather Welding Leggings 

These types of leggings give heavy-duty protection. These are ideal for welding situations that have significant molten metal hazards or significant spatter.

FR Cotton Leggings

These types are made of flame-resistant cotton and are a more comfortable and breathable option which is great for lighter welding tasks. 

Kevlar Welding Leggings

Kevlar is known for its exceptional heat resistance. It offers superior protection for heavy-duty welding applications. 

What are the benefits of Welding Leggings?

An added layer of Protection

An added layer of protection means it creates a barrier against flying sparks, spatter, and slag. This minimizes the risk of burns which is the most common injury when it comes to welding. Did you know that about 25% of welding-related injuries are burns? Now you know.  

Increased Comfort

While bulky chaps and haters are available, welding leggings are more comfortable and give that flexible fit. It gives you a better range of motions while at work welding in different positions. In short, leggings move with you. 


Welding leggings can be worn in different ways. You can use them on their own for light welding tasks or use them as an added later under regular pants for heavier welding applications. They’re not only useful for welding. You can use them for cutting, grinding, or if you are working with hot materials. 


Whether outdoors in extreme heat or indoors in a confined space, welding leggings are a lightweight, breathable alternative to heavier pants. 

Better Dexterity

Bulky chaps can restrict movement, while leggings give you a more streamlined design. This gives you better dexterity – better footwork and control while welding. 

Welding Leggings: A Smart Investment

Now that you know the different types of welding leggings, you can now add them to your welding safety gear. Pair it with the Waylander Welding welding spats and you’re sure to get maximum protection!