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Last Minute Christmas Gifts: Welding Projects You Can Do Now

welding projects

With only a few days till Christmas, it’s understandable to be in a rush to surprise your loved ones with thoughtful, long-lasting presents. Never forget that a lovely handcrafted present is the clearest way to convey to someone how much you value them. The time has come to head out to your workshop and put your welding abilities to use while crossing things off your holiday shopping list. Here are some last minute welding Christmas gifts for family and friends. 


Last Minute Welding Christmas Gifts

Silverware iPhone Holder, business card holder, shaker/napkin holder

Silverware might be king when it comes to discovered materials for welding. It is both adaptable and accessible, and it can be transformed into lovely, useful gifts for the holidays. Spoons, forks, and knives that have been recycled can be forged into practically anything, from wall and garden art to organizing hooks and jewelry. Bend and weld forks to produce a one-of-a-kind iPhone or business card holder or a shaker or napkin holder.


Key Chains Made out of Bike Chains 

Bike chains are a resourceful, adaptable material that may be transformed into a variety of practical, beautiful gifts. Try forming them into a keychain in the form of a monogram letter or another quick and easy shape, like a heart, this December to keep things quick and easy. To attach the keychain piece, make sure to make a hook. You can easily and reasonably find one at any nearby craft or hobby store.



Washer Sculpture as desk decor or paperweight

Another common object that may be used to create practically any shape or sculpture is a washer. Create a little figurine with nails, bolts, and washers while keeping in mind the recipient. It will make thoughtful desk decor or perhaps a practical paper weight. To guarantee that it remains steady and erect, fasten it to a flat piece of strong metal. Create a second sculpture for a set of unique bookends for an even more practical gift.




Nail Flower Project

Scrap nails that have rusted give an industrial-chic appearance, especially when they are fashioned into artwork like flowers. From the garden to the coffee table and everywhere in between, welded flower art can be shown. Simply join the nails at their tips, either by leaving them raw and rusty, or by attaching them to a metal rod that you can bury in the ground. These can either be left unpainted or brightly painted with enamel.



Scrap Metal Art

Scrap metal, nails, screws, and others you see laying around could be used to create something new. It just takes a bit more creativity and a bit of time. Check out some ideas below. 



Because you can share a piece of yourself with your loved ones via your labor of love and creativity, handmade presents are wonderful. These are gifts that will undoubtedly be treasured, loved, and valued for many years to come.

Welding Hobby Projects You Can do at Home To Make Money

hobby welders working on a project

So you now have a welding certificate. Now what? It’s either you go ahead and look for a welding job or start small and create welding hobby projects at home to make money. Here we give you some ideas on what you can start with so you can maybe jumpstart your career in welding


Welding Hobby Projects, Video Tutorial

Personalized Family Name Metal Sign

One of the things you can create is a personalized family name metal sign. Every homeowner would love to have this displayed and it would be the perfect idea for gift giving. That means you have a target market for it. Watch Barbie the Welder show you how you can create this custom Family Metal Sign. 




Steel Fire Pit

Another welding hobby project you can do is a steel fire pit for outdoor living spaces. Hobart Welding Products gives an in-depth tutorial on how to MIG weld a fire pit. Watch the video below. 


Welded Steel Coffee Table

A rustic look for homes is trending nowadays and it seems it will be staying for a while. Homeowners are always on the lookout for something that is handmade. A welded steel coffee table will certainly be a good centerpiece that will be a conversation starter. Watch a video on how to weld a steel coffee table by Two Moose Design. 



Welded Sculpture or Metal Art

Since we are already talking about conversation starters, why not make a welded sculpture. You can do a welded horse head or a ram skull. If you want to know how to make one, watch a tutorial by Barbie the Welder on how to weld scrap metal art. 



Portable Camping Stove

Another welding hobby project on the list that can help you earn is a portable camping stove. People travel a lot and there are some who prefer to bring a camping stove with them when they go on a vacation in a remote area. Watch a tutorial on how to weld a portable camping stove by Justin Voss below. 



Welded Tailgate BBQ grill

A welded BBQ grill is one that we add to the list of welding hobby projects that you can do. If you’re up for the challenge, watch a video by Weldtube on how to use SMAW, DualFluxcore, MIG, and TIG welding to create a full build tailgate BBQ Grill.  


5 Holiday Welding Projects You Can Do

welding projects
  • Rebar Christmas Tree welding project
  • Sheet Metal Reindeer Lawn ornaments welding project
  • Jewelry holder tree welding project
  • Copper display welding project
  • Tealight holders welding project


December 3 is Make a Gift Day. Even if the day has passed, let us, welders, take advantage of the holiday season by actually making something for our dear loved ones most especially now that Christmas is just days away. Here are 5 holiday welding projects you can do and maybe give as gifts to family and friends. 


There really is nothing so special when it comes to the history of this day. But there was a time when hand-made gifts are the only sort of gift one could give. And while buying something in the mall is easier, nothing will ever beat giving someone something made with your bare hands. 

5 Holiday Welding Projects you can do

1 Rebar Christmas Tree welding project

First on the list is a no brainer. Go ahead and make your family or your friend a sturdy Christmas Tree with branches made out of rebar. This is one tree they are sure to have for many years. Nowadays, anything unique is the way to go. 

Any welding process and a metal chop saw can do the trick. Just make sure you tack weld the branches to the metal trunk. Make sure you get a large piece of rebar for the trunk. With that, small rebar branches can easily attach to it.

2 Sheet Metal Reindeer Lawn Ornaments welding project

These antlered beasts will take some planning but it definitely is something very special to make. Designing and cutting take a lot of work as compared to welding them. Make sure you have the sizes right for every piece to make sure you save time in the welding process.

Once you have it all together, put on some paint and a string of light and you’re sure to have that family or friend of yours extra happy on the holidays.

3 Jewelry Holder Tree welding project

Here’s one you can give to the women in your life – your wife, sister, mother! Go for an elegant jewelry holder tree where they can put all those necklaces, rings, and bracelets. You can never go wrong with anything that has to do with helping out the women in your life get organized in style – welding style – that is.

All it takes is for you to weld some small straight pieces of steel together. Form it into a tree and then fuse that into a square piece of steel for it to stand on its own.

4 Copper Display welding projects

To change things up a bit, why not work on something made of copper instead of just rebar? You could use some thin copper pipes and connectors and make a copper display of any style and shape you want. One that would suit the holidays like a mini Christmas Tree, reindeer, a snowflake, or any other object that best represents Christmas – or not.

You could go with just anything that would represent how much you love them like a flower, maybe. Whatever object you decide to shape that copper into, make sure it fits the style of the person you are giving it to. TIG welding would work best for this kind of project.

5 Tealight holders welding project

Last on the list would be some tealight holders. What is Christmas without the warmth you feel at home with all those candles around. Make sure people you care about know how much you love them by giving them so tealight holders they can use on any day and not just on Christmas Day.

Your metal cutting skills will be put to test on this one. Think of a design that best suits the person you are giving it to. Once you have it all together, you can finish with some bronze powder or black finish if you’d like.