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Welding Gloves and Heat Resistance

welding gloves

A question you might have asked yourself would be, “Are welding gloves heat resistant?” The thing about welding gloves is that they are made of different materials. Some are made out of leather while some are out of Kevlar, carbon fiber, wool, and more. Each type would also be for the specific type of welding you do. So, to answer that question, yes. Welding gloves are heat resistant but are highly dependent on the kind or type of material they are made of. 


According to the U.S Bureau of Labor Statistics, as mentioned by the Safety and Health Magazine, more than ⅓ of the 370 welding and heating tool-related injuries which required days away from work in 2018 were related to thermal or heat burns. Are you sure your welding gloves are heat resistant? 


welding gloves

Type of Materials that make Welding Gloves Heat Resistant


This synthetic fiber is extremely heat resistant. The best thing about this material is it doesn’t melt. Kevlar can withstand extreme temperatures of up to 800°F. It’s also cut-resistant. 


Carbon Fiber 

Carbon Fiber can withstand temperatures above 2000°F for as long as 2 minutes. Because of their high tensile strength property and high-temperature tolerance, these have been widely used in aerospace, civil engineering, and even in the military. 


Leather Welding 

Leather is known for its durability and ability to diminish heat. Leather can withstand 200°F before charring. Go for leather welding gloves that are either made out of cowhide or goatskin. Cowhide is resistant to abrasions while goatskin is known to be a more durable leather. 


What is the best material for heat-resistant welding gloves?

The best heat-resistant welding gloves would be one that features a combination of these high-performing materials. Welding gloves made out of cowhide or goatskin leather that comes with a Kevlar liner. That way you get the durability of leather and more of the heat resistance feature of Kevlar.  


welding gloves


Generally, welding gloves can withstand temperatures of up to 2000°F for short hold times. On the other hand, for longer hold times, welding gloves can withstand a temperature of up to 600°F.


As a welder, you are exposed to extreme heat, infrared radiation, ultraviolet rays, and electricity. That is why having the right welding protective clothing from the top of your head to the tip of your toes is important. This includes a reliable pair of welding gloves that protect your hands and arms from any serious burns while at work. Make sure you know if the pair you have now is heat resistant so you get maximum protection every day.

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