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Welding Jacket with Leather Sleeves: A Must Have

Using protective clothing for welding projects such as welding jackets, gloves, helmets, and sleeves is critical in staying safe and avoiding potential injury. However, because there are so many different options, welders should know how to select the right protection for a specific need. Take welding jackets with leather sleeves, for example. 

Welding Jackets with Leather Sleeves, Why it’s a Must Have

For us to know why it’s a must-have, let’s first talk about welding sleeves and welding jackets separately. How they’re designed and why they’re important.

Welding Jackets

Since professional welders are exposed to fumes, heat, and sparks, a welding jacket is essential as all-over protection. This means it is an unrivaled piece of PPE that protects the shoulders, arms, torso, neck, and back. 

Welding jackets are designed to be resistant to heat. They’re made with quality fabric that offers degrees of abrasion and electrical resistance. Welding jackets come with snap closures, nylon straps, and leather strings. Their seams are enhanced with a metal aluminum liner. The most common material is leather. 

Welding Sleeves

Leather welding sleeves, on the other hand, protect the welder’s arms by preventing hot debris, spatter, and parks from coming in contact with the welder’s skin. Since leather is dense and thick, it prevents heat from penetrating through the garments. 

When these sleeves are attached to welding jackets, they provide added protection in low-volume welding processes. The sleeves also allow good and fluid movement with a natural feel. Leather sleeves soften with use and withstand moisture without becoming stiff. Leather welding sleeves are very durable and have a longer lifespan. You can also use this for most welding jobs. 

Welding Jackets with Leather Sleeves

Welding jackets with leather sleeves offer more protection. Since heavy welding tasks require more protection than cotton-based PPE, it is best to opt for leather. In fact, it is the best material for welding PPE. Leather protects welders from any type of thermal contact or mechanical aggression from welding so the welder’s security is preserved. Other advantages of choosing welding jackets with leather welding sleeves are that they’re economic, resistant to cuts, and have a long useful life.  

Waylander Welding Jacket with Leather Sleevs

The welding industry recognizes the importance of safety equipment such as welding jackets with leather sleeves. This type of welding equipment should meet the EN ISO 11611 regulation as an industry standard for welding clothing. Beyond the industry standards, however, welders jackets with sleeves should also be comfortable to ensure high productivity levels and so that welders can go about their work all day without any problems. Just remember to try on the jacket of choice to determine if it fits nicely and that it allows you to carry your work in a controlled manner. 

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