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Waylander Welding Gloves Goatskin Leather Fire Resistant for TIG or MIG Welding Kevlar Stitching Cotton and Fleece Lining


  • IDEAL FOR TIG AND MIG WELDING – Our gloves are made of goatskin leather. Goatskin has the greatest tensile strength in comparison to weight and is resistant to scraping and rubbing. The cuff is made of cowskin suede.
  • RUBBER & LEATHER REINFORCEMENTS ON PALM AND BACK – For increased grip and protection, rubber reinforcements are stitched on back and palm of each glove.
  • SOFT AND ERGONOMIC DESIGN ON INSIDE – Inside the cuff, fire resistant cotton is used. The inside of the glove is soft cotton liner which keeps warm or absorbs sweat if needed.
  • KEVLAR STITCHING – All gloves are hemmed with Kevlar for increased strength in extreme conditions.
  • MULTIPLE SIZES – We offer multiple sizes for increased comfort and safety. Check the sizes chart in images.

Waylander Welding goatskin gloves are constructed for professional TIG and MIG welders. Thanks to the use of goatskin, the gloves are very strong yet light, and resistant against rubbing and scraping. The cuff is made of cowskin. Rubber and leather reinforcements on back and palm of the hand increase grip and protection.

Waylander Welding gloves are standard stitched with Kevlar to keep protecting in extreme conditions. On the inside there’s a soft cotton liner for heat protection and fire resistant cotton liner on the wrist.

Goatskin Gloves, Designed for Professional Use

Goat leather has great advantages for welders. Although it’s very light, it’s also very strong and it’s resistant again scraping and rubbing. Because of the goatskin, the gloves will last longer and will be more pleasant to work with.

Rubber & Leather Reinforcements on Back and Palm of Hand

To support the hand better and provide better reinforcement, our glove is designed with rubber support on both palm and back of the hand.

Kevlar Stitching for Superior Strength & Safety

As for other Waylander products, Kevlar stitching is used to secure the strength and security while welding. Kevlar thread doesn’t melt when getting too hot, but will decompose to avoid burning on the skin.

Soft Cotton Lining & FR Cotton on Cuff

To provide enough protection against the heat while TIG or MIG welding, soft cotton fleece lining is used on the hand. On the wrist there is fire resistant cotton.

Additional information

Weight 0.6 lbs
Dimensions 14 × 7 × 2 in

M, L, XL, 2XL


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