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Welding Sleeves Leather Kevlar Stitched with Adjustable Upper End Heat Flame Resistant Heavy Duty Dark Brown


  • BEST PROTECTIVE ARM SLEEVES AVAILABLE- Works excellent as welder sleeves, but also protective sleeves for arms for grinding, grilling, gardening, woodcutting, … The thick leather sleeves will protect your arms while working.
  • ADJUSTABLE FOR YOUR COMFORT – The upper end is an adjustable elastic to prevent uncomfortable feeling on upper arm. Lower end of the leather sleeve is a tight yet broad elastic that just dives into your glove!
  • BEST LEATHER QUALITY – Protective arm sleeves made from premium split thick cow leather, the kind real welders prefer for ultimate arm protection.
  • SUPER STRONG DESIGN – Hemmed with Kevlar for increased strength. Kevlar thread also doesn’t melt but decays on very high temperatures, for increased safety.
  • Regular: Length 21″ / 53 cm. Circumference 17″ / 43 cm. Weight: 1 lbs / 450 g.
  • XL: Length 21″ / 53 cm.Circumference 21.25″ / 54 cm.

The Ultimate Arm Protection against Heat, Flames, Sparks… Waylander Welding Sleeves are made of the highest quality cow skin leather. The sleeves protects clothing and skin from heat, splatter and sparks. To assure comfort on the upper arm, an adjustable elastic keeps the sleeve from falling down. The other side fits well around the wrist, to keep sparks from falling into the sleeve. Other uses for the leather sleeves: grilling, gardening, automotive, metal construction, workshop, carpenter, butcher, … The Waylander Welding Sleeve comes with the following features:

  • Adjustable elastic on upper side.
  • Broad and tight elastic on wrist for comfort and safety.
  • Made with premium cow leather and Kevlar.
  • Regular size: Length 21″ / 53 cm. Circumference 17″ / 43 cm. Weight: 1 lbs / 450 g.
  • XL size: Length 21″ / 53 cm.Circumference 21.25″ / 54 cm.

Additional information

Weight 1.05 lbs
Dimensions 9.7 × 6.5 × 3.2 in

Regular, Satin Lining, XL Regular, XL Satin Lining, with satin lining, without satin lining